Sap Eula Agreement

Any unauthorized modification of SAP`s end-user license agreement by the reseller is a delay in fulfilling a key obligation of the agreement and for termination reasons pursuant to Section 15.2 (b) of that agreement. In the event that the reseller wants the software for its own productive use, the reseller and SAP execute the end-user license agreement of the standard SAP end user before this productive use. The current version of SAP`s end-user license agreement is attached in Appendix A. If the reseller is notified of unauthorized use of the Software by resellers as part of SAP`s end-user license agreement, including third-party software, sap will notify SAP immediately. SAP, SAP, SAP AG and its licensees have the exclusive and discretionary right to initiate software implementation procedures, provided, however, that they can agree with the dealer to engage and/or pursue such a procedure jointly.2.2 (b) All licenses of the software, database and third-party documentation marketed by the reseller must be in any event in accordance with the SAP license user agreement available to the reseller.