Continental Finance Cardholder Agreement

Surge Mastercard® is a credit card for people with limited or damaged credit. Celtic Bank, the issuer of the card, takes into account applicants with poor quality credits. The card`s service, Continental Finance, reports your payment history to the three credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion and Equifax), allowing cardholders to build responsible use credits. Unlike most credit cards, the Cerulean Mastercard online is not very open about its terms and conditions of sale. While one part of the website orders users to enter part of their Social Security number and card number to find the cardholder`s agreement, another part of the site heads straight to a cardholder agreement stating an interest rate of 25.90%. No, the Cerulean Master Card does not offer an annual effective introductory rate for credit transfers. Also, nothing in the card agreement mentions credit transfers, which could mean that the card does not allow them. You can expect the same additional benefits on both cards (free creditworthiness, credit information, generous approval rate, $0 fraud liability). Credit One Bank Unsecured Visa calculates between $0 and $99 in annual fees, which baffles the applicant, as the annual fee depends on your card agreement. Juan is a travel writer specializing in travel and personal finance, including content for credit card products and loyalty programs for airlines and hotels.

Juan`s passion is to help readers navigate the complex world of frequent flyer miles, credit card payment points and award travel. The card agreement also states that the card has a maximum credit limit of $2,000, which could make it impractical to transfer a credit from another card. Possibility to increase the credit limit after six months – The De Cerulean website says that cardholders may be entitled to an increase in the credit limit after six months. However, in accordance with the card agreement available online, the card has a maximum credit limit of 2,000 $US. Consumers should keep in mind that the Surge Mastercard┬« the first year of card membership is very high and has a high annual rate, making it essential for cardholders to make all one-time payments every month. With a lot of competition in the subprime credit card market, it may be worth considering other unsecured or secured credit cards with lower rates and fees. On the other hand, there are also negative evaluations. Some cardholders complain about the high fees for Continental Finance cards, others say they were disappointed with the customer service.