Draft External Commercial Borrowing Agreement

8.2 If the Borrower is legally required to deduct or withhold the amounts due under this Agreement in respect of taxes, the Borrower shall pay to the competent tax authority the full amount to be deducted or withheld within the period permitted by applicable law for such payment. The borrower must issue to the lender, within thirty days of this payment, a certificate proving the amount deducted or withheld. 8.1 All amounts to be paid by the borrower under this Agreement are transferred in INR to the bank account indicated by the lender. All such amounts must be paid in full without compensation, counter-claim or suspension, restriction or condition, and free from any ongoing or future deductions (except to the extent prescribed by law or regulation). 10.1 Any notification under this Agreement shall be in writing. Any communication to be sent to one of the Parties shall be sufficiently served when it is sent to it by registered letter at the address of the registered office of the Party concerned, as established at the beginning of this Agreement. “Interest rate period” means, for each advance, “loan”, any advance in progress or paid by the lender to the borrower in accordance with clause 2 of this Agreement. Let`s look at the aspects of external commercial borrowing. “maturity date” means, for each advance, the date of five years after the date of each advance under this Agreement or a later date that the Parties may agree in writing, which shall be no later than the 31st.