Enterprise Agreement Essential Energy

Buller Street delegate Daniel Welsh – Daniel.Welsh@essentialenergy.com.au delegate Judy Cutler – Judy.Cutler@essentialenergy.com.au Humphreys, said the termination of the company agreement would not prevent the company and the unions from continuing to negotiate a new agreement in good faith. He also said the move would contribute to “long-term sustainable employment” for the company`s employees, as it would improve efficiency. Members of the Electrical Trades Union on Tuesday voted to take industrial action against New South Wales` public electricity distributor, which has asked the Fair Work Commission to terminate its 2013 company agreement, as well as guidelines protecting staff from forced dismissal. Scott McNamara, director of energy at United Services Union, said: “If Essential Energy manages to break the existing company agreement, thousands of jobs could be cut across NSW, while the salaries and conditions of the remaining staff would be reduced.” .