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In the case of rental contracts concluded in the past, can the owner demonstrate that the late completion and handover of the rentable premises are exclusively related to the COVID-19 pandemic – and not in part to a circumstance to be represented by the lessor, for example.B. inadequacy of the building permit procedure – it can be said that this is a case of force majeure and therefore temporary impossibility to resort to the procedure building permits. Performance. Cross-Docking is a type of specialized distribution center (DC) where little or no inventory is stored and the product is received, processed (if necessary) and shipped in a short time. As in storage, there are different types of cross-docks. The concept of rebus sic stantibus is based on §§ 313 et seq. BGB. In principle, however, the special provisions of the rental right take precedence over those provisions, i.e. § 543 BGB replaces Paragraph 543 BGB. 314, 313 BGB in so far as this is an exceptional termination of a lease. There are few non-profit organizations that focus on the transmission of knowledge, education and research in the field of inventory management and their role in the supply chain industry.

The Council for Education and Research for Goods (WERC) [41] and the International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA) [42] in Illinois, USA. They offer professional certification and training programs for the sector in the country. The Australian College of Training has state-funded programmes for personal development and training in storage certificates II – V (diploma), they work in Western Australia online and face-to-face or throughout Australia for online courses. As part of its diversification activities, following the conclusion of an agreement with Indian Railway, CWC developed a railway land storage centre along a rail connection as a pilot project at the whitefield Goods Terminal in Bangalore. This project has been in operation since February 2002 and has resulted in an increase in rail traffic, improved customer service and an increase in the volume of cargo handled by CWC. The success of this project has led CWC to consider the development of Railside Warehousing Complexes in other centres located near the identified rail terminals. [31] It should be noted that it is not possible at this time to predict with certainty the outcome of a possible legal proceedings for breach of a lease related to the COVID-19 pandemic, given the unprecedented new situation. There are no comparable precedents under applicable law as amended, and there may also be legal changes due to new future laws. In addition, any analysis must be tailored on a case-by-case basis and take into account the distribution of opportunities and risks between the parties to the specific lease in accordance with the provisions of the lease. .