Biomass Extraction - Canada

HTC has completed the construction of its approximately 19,000 square foot facility that will house quality assurance testing and product development laboratories, as well as equipment for extraction and formulation processing. The Corporation is currently working towards obtaining EU-GMP certification for its Facility, with a view towards establishing the facility as one of the highest performance and product-quality extraction and refining facilities in Canada.

In addition, HTC has completed the construction of its approximately 27,000 square foot hemp biomass processing and storage facility adjacent to the 19,000 square foot laboratory and extraction Facility, to be utilized for the storing and processing of extraction-ready biomass.

HTC is currently ensure tolling and processing volumes, by the selection of qualified harvest contractors, utilization of diversified growing locations, high-performance regulated genetics and through irrigation that can provide growing locations with an opportunity for 2 to 3 annual crop rotations, utilizing new CBD and a variety of other cannabinoid genetics.

2019 Crop
Hemp Processing Area
Aerial shot of the Home Processing area
Port Lajord Saskatchewan, Canada

Biomass Extraction - USA

In November 2019 HTC Purchased Kase Pharma Inc. of Ceres California. Kase Farma is authorized to operate in the areas of hemp cultivation, extraction, refining, formulation and distribution in the State of California. Kase Farma continually strives to deliver health and wellness benefits of CBD, CBG, CBN and other cannabinoids via the production of high-quality, premium hemp products through best of class methods while sustaining an unrelenting commitment to people, community and the environment.

HTC has recently commissioned a new CBD extraction facility at the Kase Location, and is ready to gear up commercial operations into the California and other USA approved CBD states.

The new equipment is able to process and distill 12,000 lbs per day of dried biomass at its “IPElite Extraction” operation in California. Kase Farma’s “IPElite Extraction” operations are part of the vendor-owned 22,000 square foot overall facility and will process 12,000 lbs per day of dried biomass; which at an 8% CBD yield will have the capability of producing, 435,000 grams daily of CBD, delivering highest quality, saleable CBD to the wholesale market with gross revenue potential of approximately $1.4 million USD per day.

Kase Farma also intends to build a 20,000 square-foot facility in the Fall of 2020, which will have the capability to extract, refine, and formulate cannabinoids for an additional 50,000 lbs per day of dried biomass capacity for HTC’s emerging global food and drink CBD ingredient market.


Kase Farma Cannabinoid Extraction Facilities - California

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