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The HTC Group of Extraction & Purification Technology Companies are involved in the following sectors:

Biomass Extraction & Purification

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HTC Extraction Systems is a hemp biomass extraction and formulation company and a developer of patented proprietary technologies designed for the extraction of biomass, gas and liquids, as well as the distillation and purification of ethanol and ethanol-based solvents used in extraction. Engineered to large-scale, HTC’s extraction and purification systems reduce operating costs and capital expenditures while simultaneously delivering superior performance through lowered energy usage and emissions, as well as improved quality of the final product.

HTC technologies are designed to provide:

  • Biomass Extraction and Ethanol Purification Solutions: Scalable and cost-effective technologies designed for the hemp biomass, cannabidiol (“CBD”) and cannabinoid industry to produce high-quality products for direct human and animal consumption across food, beverage and wellness markets.

  • Clean Energy Solutions: Next generation extraction technologies to produce clean energy in a manner that is both environmentally sustainable and profitable.

Clean Energy

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HTC clean energy divisions have developed proprietary gas and liquid extraction systems that have been designed for the extraction of gas and liquids and the distillation and purification of ethanol and ethanol- based solvents, and glycols used for this extraction. The HTC Purification SystemTM has been engineered to reduce capital and operating costs while at the same time delivering superior performance by reducing energy usage, lowering emissions, and improving the quality of the product being produced.

Some examples of HTC's advanced Purification technologies:

LCDesign™ - Low cost design for modular gas, liquid and biomass extraction systems, optimizing plant design, thus reducing capital and operating costs.
PDO Engine™ - Software based design algorithms that can accurately model and simulate gas, liquid and biomass extraction processing.
Delta Solvents™ - Custom designed ethanol based solvent mixtures and additives that optimizes production and reduces costs.

HTC completed the WTO patenting and commercialization of the Delta Purification System™, and now has a number of commercial units installed world wide. A Delta Purification System ™ reclaimer unit is like a kidney in the human body, in that it removes the impurities that build up in ethanols, glycols and liquids used as solvents in commercial extraction systems. This system allows these liquids to be reclaimed, recycled and reused ; reducing overall costs and while reducing the environmental footprint.
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About HTC

HTC is a public company currently trading on the Toronto Venture Exchange (Canada) TSXV:HTC

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