Peer Reviewed Technical Publications By HTC Experts

HTC Reclaimer System at Searles Valley Minerals Facility in Trona, California

Design Factors affecting CO2 Capture

Optimization of a 130 tpd CO2 Capture System

Design and Engineering Factors Affecting CO2 Capture and EOR Applications

Applications of New Absorption Kinetics and Vapor/Liquid Equilibrium Models to Simulation of a Pilot Plant for Carbon Dioxide Absorption into High CO2-Loaded, Concentrated Monoethanolamine Solutions

Kinetic Study of SO2 and O2 Induced Degradation of Aqueous MEA

Using a Packed-Column Model To Simulate the Performance of A Membrane Absorber

Modelling the Performance of a CO2 Absorber containing Structured Packing

Kinetics of the Absorption of CO2 into Mixed Aqueous Loaded Solutions of Monoethanolamine and Methyldiethanolamine

Rigorous Model for Predicting the Behavior of CO2 Absorption into AMP in Packed-Bed Absorption Columns

A Novel Design for the Nozzle of the Laminar Jet Absorber

Kinetics of the Reactive Absorption of Carbon Dioxide in High CO2-Loaded, Concentrated Aqeuous Monoethanolamine Solutions

On the numerical Modelling of Gas Absorption into Reactive Liquids in a Laminar Jet Absorber

Mass Transfer Parameter Estimation Using Optimization Technique: Case Study in CO2 Absorption with Chemical Reaction

Important Factors Affecting Carbon Dioxide Removal Efficiency by Using Extra-High Concentrated Monoethanolamine Solutions and High-Capacity Packings

Development of a facile reclaiming process for degraded Alkanolamine and Glycol Solvents used for CO2 capture systems

Density, Viscosity, Refractive Index, and Electrical Conductivity of Degraded Monoethanolamine Solutions at Standard Temperatures


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